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Do solar panels work in the dark?2021-12-22T13:43:12+00:00

No, they work off UV energy during the day from absorbing sunlight/ daylight.

What is the timescale from quote to fully installed?2021-12-22T14:04:57+00:00

Hopefully we should get to you within 14 days of agreeing your quote, to carry out and complete your work. Most jobs should only take 1 day to complete.

Can I upgrade or downgrade after a price has been agreed and confirmed?2021-12-22T13:54:58+00:00

Yes, as long as the equipment hasn’t already been installed, then changes can be made in order to suit your requirements without any further charges being incurred. If you have already had your equipment installed, this can be changed however additional charges will apply and a further quote will take place.

How do battery storages work?2021-12-22T13:52:13+00:00

Battery storages work by storing excess energy generated by your solar panels. Solar panels will power your house first and if there is any excess energy generated, instead of exporting the energy back into the grid, it will store within your batteries to be used when needed.

How much will solar panels save me in money?2021-12-22T13:48:12+00:00

This is down to each individual household. On average 4kw of Solar Pv will generate between 3000-4000 kwh per year.

How do I make payment – do you take cash, bank transfer, cheque or card?2022-01-13T17:32:27+00:00

We accept cash, bank transfer or cheque. You will be expected to pay once the job is completed.

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