We are a team of 2 brothers, Chris and Dom, both with 12 years extensive experience in Solar PV installation and Battery Storage installation. Every year we install hundreds of solar energy systems, protecting homeowners with the vast increase electricity prices, now more than ever before! We rate ourselves on our excellent customer service, professional experience/skills and our extremely low prices, compared to other larger solar energy companies out there. Our prices are cheaper purely because we don’t have the overheads the big companies have, nor do we have the cost of sales people. Ultimately in the end it is down to us, the installers, to install the finished product. So why wouldn’t you, the customer, want to cut out the middle person and come direct to the installers, saving you stress and potentially thousands?

Why customers love Eternal Renewable Energy 

  • 12 years experience in the energy industry

  • Friendly, local and professional installers

  • No sales guys involved, so lower the price and saving you stress

  • Easy online survey to assess your needs

  • Excellent customer service